Artificial Solutions’ patented Teneo technology enables people to converse with applications and services running on computers, mobiles, wearables and other electronic devices in a humanlike, intelligent manner.

Teneo is the first complete platform to enable enterprises to develop and analyze natural language applications that embrace artificial intelligence through the use of machine learning and implicit personalization.

Teneo allows business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated natural language applications in record time that run on any operating system, in 35 languages, without the need for specialist linguistic skills. Teneo also unlocks the knowledge held in immense volumes of natural language conversations, delivering unprecedented levels of big data insight and true ‘voice of your customer’ understanding.

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Baidu Research brings together top researchers, scientists and engineers from around the world to work on fundamental AI research. Research areas include image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, robotics, and big data.

Baidu Research is composed of three interrelated teams:

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Cobalt is the leading provider of custom speech and language solutions for small and large businesses. We offer speech recognition, synthesis, and analysis of both text and audio. We apply our team’s experience to your company’s objectives.

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CrowdFlower is the essential human-in-the-loop platform for data science teams. CrowdFlower helps customers generate high quality customized training data for their machine learning initiatives, or automate a business process with easy-to-deploy models and integrated human-in-the-loop workflows.

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Databricks’ vision is to anyone to easily build and deploy advanced analytics solutions. We were founded by the team who created Apache® Spark™, the powerful open source data processing engine, and provide the just-in-time data platform to simplify data integration, real-time experimentation, and robust deployment of production applications.

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deepsense.io creates deep learning solutions for enterprises. Data science is our core specialty. We offer a wide range of services, from data analytics and software engineering consulting to outsourcing and end-to-end custom software solutions. To support data scientists’ everyday work we created Seahorse – a scalable data analytics workbench powered by Apache Spark. This intuitive visual environment lets users build data processing workflows without writing any code.


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Digitate’s cognitive system, ignio™, empowers people to do more by unleashing human ingenuity. Digitate is a Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) venture with over 400 people globally. TCS is a global leader in IT services and consulting, and an integral part of the Tata Group. We are trusted by Fortune 500 Enterprises where we intelligently manage over 600,000 infrastructure resources.

Our mission is to address the increase complexity of IT infrastructure, utilizing our cognitive system ignio, which combines enterprise context, with over 20 years of IT expertise, to drive smart decisions and perform actions autonomously.

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Inbenta specializes in Natural Language Processing and semantic search to improve the customer experience. Support services such as dynamic FAQs, knowledge management and chatbots improve business website searches, customer self-service, and e-commerce conversions.

With a team of expert linguists assigned to each client to help them understand the root cause of queries and make suggestions on updates to FAQs, Inbenta’s products help businesses improve the overall online experience offered to customers. Inbenta’s patented technology has greatly reduced incoming customer service emails and calls to call centers for industry-leading companies including Ticketmaster, CA Technologies and Schlage Locks.

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Kogentix is a pure play analytics firm offering solutions to help enterprises build advanced anlytical capabilities that can leverage all types of data to provide insights and predict outcomes. Our applications help you innovate faster, reduce costs and increase revenue.  Our pre-built solutions and business focused consulting makes us the best partner in your big data journey.

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Easily design, develop, and deploy intelligent bots for your enterprise

Our Bots Platform is a complete platform as a service (PaaS), full of rich functions and features to support the most complex bot use cases and requirements. Get a customizable, secure, and cost-effective framework to build bots people will embrace.

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The Maana Knowledge Platform accelerates knowledge discovery to increase profitability. Maana’s patented Knowledge Graph™ — a breakthrough invention — at the core of the platform expedites extracting knowledge from data silos, to reveal the relationships within the context of an asset or process companies wish to optimize. Global companies such as GE, Chevron, Shell and Maersk are increasing profitability with Maana by operationalizing insights into line-of-business applications for thousands of employees to make faster data-driven decisions.

Learn more at www.maana.io

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Nervana is developing the next generation of machines to tackle challenges in data analysis and computation. Using deep learning as a computational paradigm, Nervana is optimizing from hardware to software to develop intelligent solutions for real-world problems.

Nervana was recently acquired by Intel.

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NVIDIA is a computer technology company that has pioneered GPU-accelerated computing. Wired magazine noted GPUs as one of the “Three Breakthroughs that have Finally Unleashed AI on the World,” as GPU-powered artificial intelligence sweeps across industries. GPUs are used by Baidu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter and more to create intuitive, predictive services. NVIDIA DRIVE PX, the most advanced autonomous car computer, is bringing AI to the revolution in transportation

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At Skymind, we’re tackling some of the most advanced problems in data analysis and machine intelligence. We offer state-of-the-art, flexible, scalable deep learning for industry. Deep learning is becoming an important tool set for natural-language processing (NLP), computer vision, database predictions, pattern recognition, image/video processing and fraud detection.

We support the distributed, open-source frameworks Deeplearning4j.org and ND4J.org on distributed systems such as Hadoop and Spark for storing, processing, and analyzing massive amounts of data rapidly. Our goal is to make deep learning simple to use and easily applicable for business purposes.

For more information please visit: www.skymind.io


WorkFusion was born in 2010 of research at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, which proved that crowd workers sourced from public online talent markets could be used to train machine learning to detect fraud in online financial transactions. Founders Max Yankelevich and Andrew Volkov realized that this same approach could be used to perform a wide variety of enterprise knowledge work.

After two years of building and refining machine learning algorithms, WorkFusion released its first platform product in 2012. This release let users automate the sourcing, training, and quality control of online workers performing core enterprise knowledge processes, delivering quality output that rivaled the accuracy of captive workforce solutions at half the cost. WorkFusion is used by leading information providers, financial, eCommerce, and retail businesses and works closely with its customers to discover and build new tools to enhance the power of the platform. WorkFusion is a privately held company headquartered in New York City.

Learn more at www.workfusion.com

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AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company headquartered at Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto, California. Its current focus is to build AI solutions to support both personal and social intelligence via smartphones and robotics.

AIBrain was founded by Richard H. Shinn on February 17, 2012 to develop a truly intelligent agent by unifying problem solving, learning and memory. Building an autonomous agent of social intelligence with humans as well as with robotic agents is a central focus of its goal. Its unofficial slogan is “Beintelligent in every aspect.

AIBrain is the home for passionate AI brains with the vision to create “true” AI.  The true AI may not happen until a complete knowledge representation architecture is invented. However, with our Tyche, we are a step closer to realizing our goal, and through a series of quantum leaps we believe it will lead to a practical version close to “true” AI.

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At datalog.ai, we believe that Artificial Intelligence need not be a replacement for the way you operate your business or non-profit. We see AI as Additional Intelligence℠ – it forms a foundation for increased business value.  We are creating this value across three areas. The first is a platform to offer you additional business insights that are far beyond anything you have seen before. The second is to empower other vendor’s solutions to sustain improvements over the long run. The third is a laboratory for remarkable innovation. In our lab, we are creating intelligent models for advances that will radically benefit our lives and society. We seek to achieve advances in computer vision, search, matching of people to new opportunities, and the creation of natural communication between thinking machines and our own thoughts, choices and dreams.

Learn more at www.datalog.ai

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IntraSpexion solves an enormous enterprise pain: litigation. In-house counsel is blind to internal communications that are risky. Using deep learning, the blind can see. Avoid three lawsuits, save $1 Million.

Learn more at www.intraspexion.com


Kimera Systems is the developer of Nigel™ – the world’s first artificial general intelligence technology. Nigel learns by fusing together a broad range of hard and soft sensor data, resulting in continuous observation, moment-to-moment contextual awareness and soon, complete comprehension.

Learn more at www.kimerasystems.com


LiftIgniter is a machine learning personalization & optimization company out of Google’s top machine learning research group. We are focused on one goal: massive increases in engagement, CTR, and conversion to enable a fully intelligent & dynamic 1:1, real-time user experience. LiftIgniter averages over 80% improvement over billions of page views and impressions/mo for global customers in media & e-commerce.

Learn more at www.liftigniter.com

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Northeastern University–Silicon Valley is based on a distinctive new model for higher education: educational hubs embedded directly in select companies across the Bay Area that offer sector-specific degree programs and research collaborations to benefit the entire region.

These hubs will be located within partnering companies, such as IDT, and be open to learners and professionals across the region—a powerful way to boost workforce talent and promote innovation in high-growth sectors of regional economies.

Silicon Valley is a globally recognized center of innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth, with significant needs for workers—particularly women and other underrepresented populations—educated in science, technology, engineering, and math. Northeastern’s unique programs, grounded in experiential learning, are customized to offer students the knowledge and skill sets that Silicon Valley employers need.

Learn more at www.northeastern.edu/siliconvalley/

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Omnity.io has a next-generation research and knowledge discovery engine to help financial, audit, M&A, lawyers, scientists, engineers, medical professionals, and other knowledge workers cope with the explosion of data and knowledge that is happening in every field of study.

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Rao Infosystems Solution helps to minimize the complexity, cost and skill set to identify and resolve customer experience. infrastructure and IT systems issues thru unified data management and intelligent analysis.

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Our goal is a methodical business transformation that keeps pace with market reality and the holistic customer. Companies cannot relinquish their existing legacy systems and process, but they can leverage augmented intelligence automation to begin breaking down organizational silos. Companies will begin to transform one step at a time.

Learn more at www.verve.ai