WorkFusion was born in 2010 of research at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, which proved that crowd workers sourced from public online talent markets could be used to train machine learning to detect fraud in online financial transactions. Founders Max Yankelevich and Andrew Volkov realized that this same approach could be used to perform a wide variety of enterprise knowledge work.

After two years of building and refining machine learning algorithms, WorkFusion released its first platform product in 2012. This release let users automate the sourcing, training, and quality control of online workers performing core enterprise knowledge processes, delivering quality output that rivaled the accuracy of captive workforce solutions at half the cost.

The high volume of patterns generated by online workers on the platform laid the foundation for WorkFusion’s next major release, which brought to life the “virtuous loop.” By automatically engaging human workers to train and retrain algorithms, the virtuous loop solves the problem inherent in traditional automation that causes algorithms to fail when data sources or workflows change. WorkFusion uses this virtuous loop to deliver unbreakable automation that becomes more flexible and durable with time.

WorkFusion is used by leading information providers, financial, eCommerce, and retail businesses and works closely with its customers to discover and build new tools to enhance the power of the platform. WorkFusion is a privately held company headquartered in New York City.

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