General Session

AI Case Studies: Pushing the Frontiers of Systems Engineering

Cyril Magnin Ballroom November 9, 2016 11:40 am - 12:20 pm

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Tolga Kurtoglu
Achalesh Pandey
William Sobel
Cristian Tanasescu

Moderator: Tolga Kurtoglu, Ph.D., VP, Director of System Sciences Lab, Palo Alto Research Center


  • Achalesh Pandey, Technology Leader – AI & Learning Systems, GE Global Research
  • William Sobel, Chief Strategy Officer, System Insights Inc.
  • Cristian Tanasescu, Executive Vice President, ESI Group

Today, we are witnessing an AI revolution that is affecting all aspects of human life from urban mobility to healthcare, and from agriculture to e-commerce. The advances in AI are slowly, but surely, also impacting traditional engineering disciplines that are integral to Systems Engineering. In particular, AI is beginning to have a transformative impact in the way complex systems are designed, manufactured and managed throughout their life cycle.

Innovative designs that use a combination of different materials and manufacturing processes is becoming a reality. This is thanks to rapid design space exploration made possible by AI planning and scheduling algorithms in conjunction with increasingly faster computational devices. In addition, planning and scheduling algorithms together with heterogeneous pervasive sensing is also transforming process planning and execution in manufacturing. Moreover, data analytics and machine learning is enabling conditioned based maintenance and life-cycle optimization of enterprise assets. In the near future, integration of knowledge about impact factors from heterogeneous sources will have further potential to revolutionize product and service quality. In addition, developments in human-machine teaming will affect all aspects of Systems Engineering.

In this panel we will discuss the confluence of Systems Engineering and AI through real world experiences of leading industry experts.