AI Startup Lightning Panel – Open to All Attendees

Cyril Magnin 2 November 7, 2016 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Steve Ardire
Saman Farid
Christie Pitts
Shelley Zhuang
Dalia Asterbadi
Nick Brestoff
Maria Grineva
Dr. Sindhu Joseph
Kristina Messdaghi
Tamer Rashad
Mounir Shita

Join AI start-up advisor Steve Ardire who will moderate this panel with 8 AI startups.  Each panelist will present their innovative AI-powered application, followed by an interactive panel of experts who will provide unbiased feedback along with audience Q&A

Moderator: Steve Ardire, AI Software Start-up Advisor


– Samad Farid, Managing Director, Comet Labs

– Shelley Zhuang, Founder & Managing Partner, Eleven Two Capital

– Christie Pitts, Manager, Verizon Ventures

Startup Panelists:

– Dr. Sindhu Joseph, CEO & Co-Founder, CogniCor

– Tamer Rashad, Founder & CEO, Humtap

– Nick Brestoff, CEO, IntraSpexion

– Mounir Shita, CEO/Founder, Kimera Systems

– Kristina Messdaghi, CEO & Founder, NoorGo

– Maria Grineva, Co-Founder/Scientist, Orb Intelligence

– Dalia Asterbadi, CEO & Chief Data Scientist,