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Angel Launch Event: Robotics, AI, and Machine Learning: Tech Trends and Investing

Cyril Magnin 2 November 8, 2016 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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(note: this program requires a separate fee to Angel Launch)
AI, the science of making intelligent machines, is now a popular area for investing and technical development.   We explore new trends for  machine-learning technologies and big data. Understand the challenges in designing computers to understand and interpret natural language in the  same way as human brain power.

– Understand how to attract investors and develop business strategies to become successful, and tap into emerging markets for AI and Robotics.

– Identify thenew trends and how can your company take advantage of business opportunities.

– Discover the critical factors to assess and build valuation for startups in this market

– Learn how Fortune 500 companies should form partnerships with startups and investors to identify new areas for R and D in these markets

– Hear Investing Trends for data and machine intelligence and Startups Pitch

– Evaluate strategies to attract funding for a robotics or AI ventures

– Consider challenges facing enterprise users for adoption and use of robots


AngelLaunch360x280Learn how we can use AI technologies to solve complex problems for industry, enterprise, government, and national security in these markets:

– communications

– cyber and national security

– enterprise

– infrastructure

– healthcare

– manufacturing

– space