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When Artificial Intelligence Meets Virtual Reality

Cyril Magnin 3 November 8, 2016 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Juhi Chandalia
Isabelle Guis
Angela Tran Kingyens
Maryanna Saenko
Tara Scarrow

WITI Logo 360x280Join us at Women in Technology International’s – WITI – WIN-AI, WIN-VR/AR Meeting at AI World


– Juhi Chandalia, Senior Data Scientist, Sentient Technologies 

– Isabelle Guis, Chief Strategy Officer, Egnyte

– Angela Tran Kingyens, Investor, Version One Ventures

– Maryanna Saenko, Investment Partner, Airbus Ventures

– Tara Scarrow, Director of Programs, Heartwood 3D

Artificial Intelligence is gaining more momentum. It allows us to process an unprecedented amount of data and delivers insights that are more valuable and actionable than ever before. In parallel, significant progress has been made in Virtual Reality (VR) facilitating the visualization of complex concepts and integrating it to consumer and even enterprise applications. What possibilities open up when combining the AI insights with VR tools? This panel of women in technology thought-leaders will discuss research projects under investigation in these fields and how these new combined technologies could impact our daily personal and professional lives.

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