Track 1: Deploying AI Business Systems

Panel: Finding the Best Applications for AI and Machine Learning

Cyril Magnin 1 November 8, 2016 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

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Cirrus Shakeri
Adam Devine
David Linthicum
Jai Malhotra
Matthew Zeiler

Moderator: Cirrus Shakeri, Enterprise AI Alliance


  • David Linthicum. SVP, Cloud Technology Partners
  • Matt Zeiler, Founder, Clarifai
  • Jai Malhotra, CTO, Kogentix
  • Adam Devine, VP, Head of Marketing, WorkFusion

There are hundreds of AI and machine learning vendors promoting thousands of potential business applications for machine learning and associated technologies.  In addition, as enterprises move their workforce to the cloud, the major cloud vendors have been integrating machine learning software into their cloud offerings.

We’ve assembled an executive panel to help attendees most quickly determine how to zero in on:

  • where and how to find the best applications for machine learning,
  • what are the application development time frames that should be expected,
  • what are the ranges of costs and resources, and most importantly,
  • how to you evaluate and what should you expect in terms of ROI from your AI and machine learning investments.