Keynote: Practical AI Fueled by Big Data

Cyril Magnin Ballroom November 8, 2016 10:30 am - 10:55 am

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Boyd Davis
Mike Olson


– Boyd Davis, CEO, Kogentix

– Mike Olson, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera


Much like cloud computing and big data in the past decade, the current AI wave of innovation has its foundation in decades old concepts.  The enablers that created major industry inflection points around cloud and big data – open source, open standards, and powerful commodity hardware – will also drive hyper-growth of AI based applications and services.   Hear application case studies from Boyd Davis, CEO of Kogentix and Mike Olson, Chief Strategy Officer of Cloudera, how the rapidly evolving Cloudera Enterprise data hub, built on Hadoop and related open source components, is enabling companies to deliver machine learning on an enterprise scale.