Keynote: If Trees Could Walk – Open to all attendees

Cyril Magnin Ballroom November 8, 2016 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

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Lawrence Flynn

Keynote: Lawrence Flynn, CEO, Artificial Solutions

Trees are well known for their deep roots. The older the tree, the more firmly it is planted into its soil. But what if trees could simply pick up their roots and move from one place to the next? The trees would be at a distinct advantage. So why do corporations, that certainly have the opportunity to be agile and mobile, choose instead to stay deeply grounded by their roots and fail to adapt to change, even when faced with less than optimal conditions? What is the answer for these rooted enterprises? It is to exploit their advantages. That sounds obvious of course but the question is how, and the answer to that is simple – data.

The wind of change has never blown any faster for the business community, yet the lack of ability of large scale enterprises to adapt and exploit remains their biggest weakness. A weakness which has allowed tech startups to disrupt whole economies. These stories are well understood through the likes of Amazon, Uber and Airbnb, but enterprises continue to look on as if watching a magic trick rather than responding practically. They remain rooted rather than take action, seeing such things as fluke, or anomalies. Yet they are very much not, and success that seems to be conjured out of thin air, is closer to pure science, based on data driven decision making.