Pre-Conference Workshop: Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Seminar: Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Fillmore November 7, 2016 1:00 pm - 4:45 pm

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Jan Lasek
Robert Bogucki
Dario Garcia Garcia
Amin Mantrach
Jim McHugh
Fiaz Mohamed
Marek Niedzwiedz
Ravi Srivatsav

Passes to this seminar are now Sold Out.  This program is open to Monday VIP Conference Pass Holders Only

Pre-Conference Seminar

Machine learning and deep learning for the enterprise make up one of the fastest growing software markets today, expected to reach $40B by 2024 (source: Tractica). AI World and have teamed up to bring you a half-day in-depth seminar focused on helping your organization understand the scope, breadth and depth of the solutions available in today’s marketplace. As you begin your journey into AI and machine learning, your company will need to understand the options, players and technologies that can help you gain the competitive benefits of using and deploying these AI based technologies today.


– Robert Bogucki, Chief Science Officer,

– Jan Lasek, Data Scientest,

– Jim McHugh, Vice President and General Manager, NVIDIA

– Marek Niedzwiedz COO, CodiLime

– Dario Garcia Garcia, Technical Program Manager (Applied Machine Learning),  Facebook

– Amin Mantrach, Research Scientist, Yahoo Research

– Ravi Srivatsav, Chief Business Development Officer, NTT Innovation Institute, Inc.

– Fiaz Mohamed, Sr. Director of Strategy & Business Development, Intel Machine Learning Solutions



The Who, What and Why of Enterprise Machine Learning

Instructor: Jan Lasek, Data Scientest,

The first portion of the seminar will provide attendees with a comprehensive introduction to the machine learning industry, different options, players and technologies. This session will present an overview of the machine learning industry and ecosystem. The focus is on helping attendees understand the current machine learning market and  providing examples of innovative machine learning applications and their deployments across different industries.

Attendee will:

– Learn about the landscape and ecosystem of today’s machine learning market

Get an overview of the options available to enterprises developing strategies to find the best applications of machine learning for their business.

– Learn how to determine which industries and types of applications are best suitable to use machine learning

– Explore specific in-depth case studies on machine learning use in industries such as FinTech, BioTech, Consumer Service, Telecommunications, Retail and others


2:45-3:15pm Networking Break with Exhibitors


Panel: State of the Practice in Machine Learning for the Enterprise

Moderat: Marek Niedzwiedz, COO, CodiLime


– Robert Bogucki, Chief Science Officer,

– Jim McHugh, Vice President and General Manager, NVIDIA

– Ravi Srivatsav, Chief Business Development Officer, NTT Innovation Institute, Inc.

– Dario Garcia Garcia, Technical Program Manager (Applied Machine Learning), Facebook

– Amin Mantrach, Research Scientist, Yahoo Research

The session will take attendees beyhond the earlier strategic overview of the machine learning and deep learning markets. Listen as the panel of four world-class heads of machine learning leaders for major U.S. companies discuss their businesses’ experience with the technologyLearn what they are doing at their companies, how machine learning is disrupting their industries, and the critical lessons learned in deploying enterprise- class machine learning applications.

Attendees will learn about:

– The current state of the market in terms of need for machine learning solutions;

– The landscape of today’s machine learning vendors and consultants, and how to pick and choose partners for success;

Case studies describing what the costs, ROI and rewards at early adopters of enterprise machine learning;

– The organizational challenges in bringing machine learning in-house;

– How to most effectively plan for a successful machine learning deployment;

– What the In-house vs. Outsource considerations are: When do you want to build your internal machine learning team and when it is more beneficial to work with external cloud providers;

– How diverse vertical industries develop their plans, and what machine learning looks like in your world and industry;

– How to determine what machine learning projects/applications are best suited for your company;

– What are new business sectors where machine learning solutions have not yet been widely adopted, but which have potential;

– As an entrepreneur, what would be the sign that your business needs machine learning;

– The most successful (and not-so-successful) enterprise applications of machine learning;

– The most promising trends and technologies for the future;

– Q&A session


AI World Strategic Machine Learning Workshop Sponsor is a big data science company established by former Google, Facebook and Microsoft software engineers and data scientists. For the past few years, their team members have been participating and winning many algorithmic, data science and machine learning competitions.